My Story

Hi, my name is Gem and I originally created LITTLE RED KISS out of frustration that I couldn’t find stylish, fashionable, statement scarves and then if I could they were often so expensive. 

I love fashion and the different trends the seasons bring and I love how a scarf or a hat or faux fur collar can completely change my look, making me feel like I have a whole new outfit when in fact it is just the accessory that’s done it. 

I want LITTLE RED KISS to become your ‘go to’ place where you can find a little ‘gem’ scarf or hat or umbrella that will lift your day, make you smile and feel excited….just like a little kiss can do the same. 

The site will have a ‘weekly looks’ section to show you how you can have fun wearing the accessories for whatever your days hold and whatever the weather! 

My unique collection has been carefully selected, with inspiration from designer brands, to give you the ultimate ‘go to’ accessories to make you feel fashionably and affordably ‘wrapped up’ in all seasons. 


Love Gem x