Shiny hair has a whole new meaning!

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This is the dawn of a new ‘grown up’ age for hair accessories.

Catwalk models across the globe are adorned with embellished headbands, pearl slides, crystal clips, velvet scrunchies that gleam and twinkle in the air!

There are no rules!!

In fact in seems the ‘more the merrier’ approach has been adopted by the likes of Prada and Dolce & Gabbana.

For me, in the real world, it has two meanings.

– they are the ideal camouflage on a bad hair day or the day before my hair needs washing.

– they are such a fabulous and easy way to glam up my everyday style.

I even like to take it one step further by wearing clips with crystal encrusted words – see my collection here including LOVE, SUMMER, SUNSHINE, XOXO, HAPPY and even SEXY!

These are playful, fun and almost dictate the mood I’m in – or maybe want to be in!

There are so many ways to experiment with your hair no matter its style or length:

  • move your hair to one side and add multiple clips, mixing different styles and different colours.
  • grabbing your hair into a bun or ponytail and wear a fabulous scrunchie

Headbands are fabulous for a more formal occasion as they can take on the more traditional and (perhaps dated) fascinator, creating a more contemporary look. I love a knotted headband on holiday – it keeps my hair off my sun-creamed face and the central ‘knot’ gives the illusion of height, rather than that ‘flat head’ look.

So it’s time to embrace this new age! Surely you can’t resist all that sparkle and glamour! Come on girls, let your hair shine like a new diamond!

Here’s some of my favourite pieces from my new collection:

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