‘Beach Ready’ for Summer 2019

Little Red Kiss | Fashionable and Affordable Accessories | Black and white beach coverup

I have learnt a lot over the past 30 years about how to feel ‘beach ready’ for my holidays!

Every year I tell myself I will lose lose half a stone and not drink alcohol or eat anything ‘naughty’ for at least a month before I go!

Guess what – it never happens! And for all you girls out there who are reading this now PLEASE finish this blog because I am a real person who drinks wine and eats chocolate most days days and I have cellulite…. I would love bigger boobs and a smaller bottom BUT I have finally learnt to accept and love what I have! And once you do this, trust me, it’s the fastest way ever to be ‘beach ready!’

It has taken me about 30 zyears to work out that feeling confident in my swimwear is about accepting myself and focusing on the ‘good bits’ of me, not the worst! I am not under-estimating how hard this is because it’s in our heads like a mental maze.

When I start planning my ‘daytime’ looks I have tried to narrow it down to 6 key accessories.

Please note – an essential part of my preparation in addition to the accessories is a spray tan! – it instantly makes everything look better on me and I don’t have a white body on the first day of my holidays – remember to wear your SPF protection in the sun though!

1.Swimwear that fits you! It is so important that you invest in a bikini or swimsuit that fits you properly. For me, I like full brief bottoms and a triangle top or a crop top. I carry my weight on my thighs and bottom so I am happy to not cover up my tummy. My high streets faves for swimwear are Mango and Asos. Every other year I also buy a more expensive bikini as I find they last longer.


2.The Cover Up! It’s vital you have a cover up that you feel excited about wearing. It needs to be floaty as well as practical and tone with your swimwear. I often look on net-a-porter for inspiration and then hunt the high street for similar styles. I am delighted to say that this summer I have sourced a fabulous collection of cover ups in a variety of colours and prints that can be worn open and free or pinned or belted for your own personalised look! I love our plain red cover up with a black or white bikini, not forgetting some red lippy too! Once my cover up is on I am ready for anything….I also wear mine with shorts and even jeans underneath for breakfast or lunch.


3. Gold jewellery. Believe it or not I had never worn gold jewellery until about 3 years ago. I    never thought it really suited my skin tone and because my wedding ring is platinum, I decided it wasn’t for me! How wrong was I!

Layers of gold jewellery are simply stunning for a really chic beach/pool look. There are so many amazing jewellery brands that have gorgeous gold with shells, coins, coloured stones, stars, flowers….. every girl needs a couple of layered necklaces and a great pair of earrings too.


4.Head sparkle. I always wear my hair up in the sunshine, it’s cooler! I love either sparkly clips and a scrunchy or a headband – I really like the height that a headband gives my hair as it tends to go super flat in the heat. I also adds more ‘glamourous’ look.


5. These should be an investment purchase. You’ll get a more contemporary design and the quality of lens will be better protection for your eyes from the sunshine, think how many times you wear them. Check out places like TK MAXX, I have bought a pair of Chloe shades in there for £70.


6. Beach Bag – There’s nothing worse than carrying lots of ‘stuff’ down to the beach. An oversized beach bag is essential!


I have put together a couple of looks that I hope will give you some inspiration for you. Enjoy your summer!

Love Gemx

Little Red Kiss | Fashionable and Affordable Accessories | Hoop earrings and beach wrap

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