Enjoy a little sparkle every day!

It started when I was at school.

With a strict uniform policy there was only a couple of ways to add my own style. So it was up to my trusty black sequin hair scrunchy to do it for me!! I absolutely loved it, so much so it was stitched back together more times than I can remember. Sooo many times! It was only a touch of sparkle, but it gave me a good feeling wearing it and in my own head it made me think that other people would think I was a little more stylish and cool!

Another sparkly favourite was my pair of Zara black ankle boots with black crystal stoned block heels! So many people came up to me to ask where I had bought them. They just gave every outfit that ‘edge’. In fact, I loved them so much I bought two pairs and managed to wear out both of them!

Now I am a bit older (note: you’re never too old to sparkle!) I tend to wear more practical footwear, but I still reach for something shiny and sparkly to wear, pretty much every day. I think it’s because it symbolises a little bit of fun. Now when I take the time to really think about it, I would go so far as to say it boosts my mood and just like my little red lipstick, it makes me feel more confident and content inside. It comes back to that uplifting feeling that a lovely, fun or inspiring accessory can change my look and enhance my vision of myself.

A good friend recently said to me “Whenever I see anything sparkly, I always think of you” – she said it with a beaming smile on her face. And I take it as a real compliment.

My sparkle-filled-accessorising lets me take my daily ‘uniform’ – black or cream top and jeans and turn it into something much more ‘put together’. It extends my wardrobe options with my existing clothes and means I don’t need a new piece of clothing to make my wardrobe feel new and a bit more exciting!

Jewellery is, of course, another way to add sparkle to any look. It can draw attention to my ‘better bits’! During my pregnancies, it was the only time I actually had ‘boobs’. I loved a statement necklace to draw attention to my cleavage and away from my ballooning face and enlarging bottom! Now I am having a lot of fun layering different types of necklaces at varying lengths and I am more confident about wearing statement earrings.

In fact, when I take a look across my first collection for www.littleredkiss.com there’s quite a lot shining back at me! Sequin hats, embellished star scarves, gold jewellery, silver socks, cuffs……all fabulously sparkly!

So, I guess my message today is simple: keep sparkling, keep shining and keep smiling. And for anyone who hasn’t tried it, go for it! Pick out a pair of sparkly earrings, or even some wonderful socks! Have some fun. (Just don’t cover your whole body in it).

If you fancy a little inspiration I have selected a few of my ‘go to’ sparkly bits below.


Love Gemx

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