Make Dry January a whole lot more colourful!

The sky may be grey, the days shorter but your wardrobe doesn’t need to match the weather!

I want to inspire you to be bold and bright, have some fun and create new and fresh ways to wear the clothes you have!

January is definitely my month to have a wardrobe clear out and free up my home of all the other clutter the family has gathered over the last year (I have to wait until my children go back to school so they don’t see any toys that I can’t bear looking at gathering dust!).

It’s my most brutal month for getting rid of clothes that I know I haven’t worn for at least 12 months. (I do give a lot to charity shops not the bin). It’s the one time of the year that I feel I need to take control of my life and ‘cleanse’ it ready for the year ahead. I am sure a big part of it is that not only do I not have alot of money to spend, but that I want to feel better about myself and how great I will feel when I have got back into my routine and lost those stubborn five pounds around my thighs!

I have set myself an extra challenge this January: not allowing myself any new clothes for the whole month. I decided to start writing this blog on 14th January so that it would be more realistic and to see whether I could even make it to ‘mid month’ – which I am delighted to say, I have!

Also, this year having started my own business I am much more aware of reducing my fashion carbon footprint. I am making a conscious effort to shop more sustainably. Not only does that make me feel better about myself, but it has made me stop and think about the money I have wasted on all those clothes that I don’t wear. I will be more patient in the shops and think a little longer before buying…easier said than done, I guess!.

When selecting my suppliers for Little Red Kiss I researched their ethical policies and how and where the products are made. Many of my suppliers are committed to the highest standards within their factories and throughout their sourcing and manufacturing policies. I will be following that mantra from now on when buying my own clothes.

But back to my January clear out. There’s always so many things to do so I actually put a date in my diary to do it. January weather does dictate that what I wear needs to be warm. So for me that’s usually my lovely lace vest as my base layer and then a black, cream or camel polo neck or high neck. I love a polo neck as it covers my white neck that doesn’t match my face once my make up is on! It makes life more simple for early starts and the school run. BUT it doesn’t stop there – now it’s time for the fresh new! My polo neck accessorised with a soft and gorgeous checked scarf and maybe a pair of gold earrings! (Remember, I only said I can’t buy clothes in January… not accessories!). Beautiful and soft, scarves are the ideal addition to any outfit, creating your own personalised look and can be matched or complemented by a hat, winter gloves, jewellery and even a cheeky new lipstick! Reinventing pre-loved fashion into something new and exciting.

Accessories allow you to rework pieces you already own and love – and that feels great to me! I have started wearing my striped tops with checked scarves – that’s something quite different for me. I also love splash of bold colours on a hat or scarf to inject some warmth into my face, particularly on a cold grey January day. So being honest, lovely accessories lead you to a whole new world of possibilities.

Since starting my business nearly three months ago I am more aware than ever of current trends and looks and how even by adding just one simple accessory allows me to transform a look – for example a gold and black scarf styled on a plain black top takes me from a daytime to evening look in the blink of an eye. Try it!

I have added a few of my customers’ favourite pieces below.

Whatever you take from this note, I hope that it lifts your mood for the year ahead and that if you don’t wear many accessories currently you might start experimenting with them. Who says January has to be grey – and dry!

Love Gem x

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