So what’s going on fashion-wise on the Ski slopes in 2019? Get a sneek peek here!

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Snow is falling in the major resorts and the ski world is gearing up for another frenetic season.

Fashion wise, it’s looking like the top designers have gone for dressing skiers around the core themes of “fun, style and functionality”. So there are gorgeous technical jackets – often long – accompanied by flat colours and shimmering metallics, combined with stunning “pop colour” fur lined hoods – (please choose the faux fur options if you can).

Multi-colour patterns and large colour blocking have moved aside.

Gone too are big baggy jackets and “in” are flattering silhouettes and high performance, thinner fabrics – technical jackets and pants that perform and yet, I’m sure, will keep heads turning and turning.

I can see gorgeous croc and animal print jackets too, they’ll be in huge demand. And why not! Even a touch of urban styling with denim and fur. Sleek, sophisticated and however you’re skiing, you’re going to look fabulous in 2019.

“Slimmer, tighter and fitter” appear to be the key words, topped off with a bit of fun!

Accessories wise, it’s going to be really simple to complement these suits and give your fashion a “new look” everyday. I’d suggest gorgeously snug faux furs with those bright, pop colours alongside fur topped bobble hats – with your goggles placed fashionably over the top, pushed back for maximum effect!

So enjoy the snow, shimmer on the slopes, and of course be warm and cosy apres ski. You can glam up your jeans and jackets for the bars and restaurants with our ultra soft and warm scarves. We also have some gorgeous earrings and necklaces to add a bit of sparkle too!

Beckosndergaard Concrete Supersize scarf

Fraas soft red check scarf

Marcelind scarf

Venus Scarf

Amalfi hoops gold with clear stone

Amalfi gold coin necklace

Ashiana gemstone hoop earrings


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