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I can do this. I can be an entrepreneur and a great Mum. I just needed to make peace with myself.

I’ve admired entrepreneurs from afar for most of my adult life.

I worked for one, and married him. I’m used to the highs and lows, and learned that just like a roller-coaster, “you just gotta ride it” – the amazing years and the not quite so amazing! My best friend Thea built a global nail care brand, Nails inc., from scratch to £millions of turnover in just the last 10 years. I’ve watched other friends launch gaming companies and see super failures, and outrageous successes.

I’ve enjoyed watching Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon too, go from zero to global giants in no time at all!

It’s fascinating if, like me, you’re interested to look under the bonnet and watch all this unfold.

It seems to me that the internet has changed the game for everyone. But more so for those people with a desire to work for themselves, work hard and innovate the norm. It’s given them the freedom, the simple but incredible platform to launch their ideas to the world. To build something at home and sell it to the world without leaving the kitchen!

But note, the internet hasn’t taken away the risk. And I’ve marvelled at these people’s guts and determination, and the stress they’ve taken on to take that leap.

And now especially, in 2018, entrepreneurialism appears to have gone into hyper drive. From fashion, fintech, media, gaming, gambling, you name it, more and more bright young – and more mature – things are prepared to jump off that cliff with no parachute, just a great idea, conviction, confidence and a lot of hope. In fact, over 600,000 new companies have been registered so far this year at Companies House!

Little wonder then that my piqued interest wanted to look a little closer. Daring to launch my own brand, on October 19th this year.

Some call it insane. Some irresponsible. Most don’t get it and probably never will.

Thing is, it absolutely excites me!

I don’t sleep, I can’t sleep. I walk it and talk it. I’m obsessed with my tiny, fragile, beautiful baby. I’ve seen this from afar, watching my husband and all the other entrepreneurs I know. Seeing them obsess. And now I finally “get it”. It’s truly truly amazing.

Watching from afar was never as good as this though. As being in it. Doing it all. From writing the plan, finding the name, getting the logo, sketching the website frames, buying the products, meeting the manufacturers and designers, finding website creators and developers, fine tuning the look, organising the bank account and credit card facility, writing the site content. Organising the marketing, the SEO, the PPC…. and learning and learning and learning. Not to forget running the house, the 3 children, the meals, the school run, the sport and drama, my social life, and remembering I do have a husband too

The shift from full time mum to part time everything has been hard. Obviously! But I would not change it for the world.

I need this in my life, I have craved it so much. The most difficult part was convincing myself that I was capable of making it happen. I totally get why entrepreneurs do this stuff, and even when they fail, they get back up and have another go. It’s crazy crazy hard work love! I can’t imagine my life now without that deep, almost burning feeling in the pit of my stomach driving me forwards, giving me the strength to keep going. It’s impossible to define the ‘rush’ I feel when I wake up in the morning and I have orders waiting in my inbox or another follower on my social media.

So what am I saying?

Taking the plunge to move from mum to working mum is a huge step.

But a business at home can work with the family. I can do all this madness in the school day, with a little help from my mum and dad on the school run and making peace with myself that it’s OK if things are sometimes a little bit chaotic. I am slowly learning to stop putting added pressure on myself that things should be ‘perfect’.

I can be an entrepreneur. I can set up a business from nothing and in 6 months launch it to the world.

It’s really possible. And whether I succeed or not, I won’t stop now! This is more fun, more heart ache, more involving, more just everything more than I could have dreamed of a year ago as I sat at home over dinner and told my husband that I’d had an idea.

If you ever had the thought to do this. Just do it.



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