Have you felt the power of red?

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The colour red, it pulsates with excitement, a powerful warning, a colour the human race and most other species, to be honest, identify with danger – traffic lights, tail lights, ambulance sirens, stop, cease, heat, beware – but bizarrely from the opposite extreme we see it as the colour of love, of hearts, of St Valentine, of passion and red red roses. A potent mix indeed for one simple colour!

For me, now, at 42, I harness the power of red and ride on the back of its brooding excitement and show stopping appeal. I wear it, I accessorise with it, I put it on my lips. Always! To be honest though, as a colour it was ‘the one’ I had always avoided, preferring to blend into the background and not wanting people to notice me. This was me throughout my 20’s through to my late 30’s. I would nearly always wear black and maybe a neutral tone but red, red rarely featured. Black was my go to colour and I was happy. Maybe occasionally I would ‘dip my toe’ into the world of red only to withdraw for fear of standing out too much and even looking silly, worried what the world would think!

A crazy mindset I now know, but at the time I thought it was only for the prettiest people, the beautiful crowd with the confidence I’d never possess. But I had a sneaky envy for sure, that colour, oooh that colour, it was a sign of unabashed glamour, of the utmost assurance. Women who knew their path in life, wore red.

On reflection I do realise that with age comes experience and assurance in oneself. A certain comfort in one’s own skin. This is the happiest time of my life. I was riddled with insecurities in my youth and beyond, and the fear of not conforming, not fitting in crippled me. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone nor never have been with that mindset. I think thousands of women struggle to find their own identity and are bold enough to display it.

Don’t worry!! I’m not about to start trying to put the world to right! However, if I can give you or anyone of any age reading this one, small but wonderful piece of advice from my 42 years: GO RED!! Red, and all its wonderful hues can make you feel like a $million.

Red red – ruby red, pillar box red, pinky red, dark red, moody red, wow red. I know my ‘love’ of it does have to do with my age, and yes! I do think that by painting my lips red it definitely does distract from my lines and gentle wrinkles. But for me, I don’t just wear it for that – I wear it because it never fails to lift my spirits and brighten my mood. I do feel more visible, more exciting – for good or bad. I know there will always be detractors who see it as too much or too brash but I can honestly say “I don’t care”. I don’t care because of the way it makes me feel when I wear it. It symbolises good times – anytime. It has taken me most of my life to pluck up the courage and see what I am good at and to go for it.

What about you? When is your next red moment?

I am not suggesting that red lipstick transformed my life, but it has become almost like a ‘secret weapon’ that has a multiple of talents – on bad skin days it lifts my face, on good days it completes a look. If you haven’t tried it, go on……try it soon, today, or if you’ve forgotten how great it can make you feel, go grab some!

So go forth, be you, be strong, be confident, don’t leave it too late – wear red everywhere, all day and all night!

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